Classical Music MP3s

18 Mar

For the foreseeable future, this blog is devoted to pontificating on classical music MP3’s that are widely available on online sites, like Amazon and iTunes.

The main motivation is that I now suddenly find lots of music can be had in MP3 format at very low prices. While building an adequate collection of classical music CDs would take thousands and thousands of dollars, getting one with MP3’s take only a fraction of the cost. Part of it is that record labels often offer MP3’s cheaper than physical CDs, but a major part is due to budget companies like X5 Music that licenses MP3 music from major labels and sell them really cheaply.

So, I hope these blogs will serve as guides to myself and friends in making educated purchases of those MP3s.

The blogs will be based on Amazon’s MP3 offerings, because I am most familiar with the site, and also because of the existence of many quality costumer reviews on the site. I would imagine sites like iTunes have similar offerings with some price differences.


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